Fleur du jardin de la Maison du Chevalier des Huttes à Vic sur Cère

Petit déjeuner Mon reflet dans l'assiette à la Maison du Chevalier des Huttes à Vic sur Cère

Magnolia à Vic sur Cère, Cantal, France

Préparation d'un dessert - Mon reflet dans l'assiette - Maison du Chevalier des Huttes à Vic sur Cère



Mon reflet dans l'assiette

Being a passionate about gastronomy, I’ve got a certification in nutrition. I keep interested in everything that can, directly or indirectly, help staying healthy.

I thus propose to use my passion at your service, through ‘Mon reflet dans l’assiette’.

I welcome you in my kitchen, or I connect with you in visio for non-therapeutic sessions aimed at helping you stay gourmet while preserving fitness.

Sessions include : global nutritional evaluation and dietary readjustment (personal nutritional objectives settings, further followup and guidance) ; nutritional advice ; nutritional education at any time in life; individual culinary workshops.

One hour rate : 30 EUR VAT incl. - Registration at + 33 6 33 94 86 68 or monrefletdanslassiette@gmail.com.
(with c.a. 2 :30 and 75 EUR VAT incl. for the first session which includes global nutritional evaluation and dietary readjustment with personal nutritional objectives settings).

My culinary workshops

During your stay at the House, you will be able, without extra fees, to practice by participating to the meal elaboration for the guest table.

All along the year, apart from any stay at the House, you can also subscribe to one of the collective culinary workshops which are organised at the House (calendar available at the tourist office and on the social nets, booking allowed by e-mail at monrefletdanslassiette@gmail.com or by phone at +33 6 33 94 86 68).

During the said workshops (2 - 6 persons), you will exchange on the elaboration of a nutritionnally balanced, healthy but greedy menu, essentially composed of the best organic local products, and you will eat with your guests  in a friendly atmosphere, in the spirit of the House guest table.
Rate : 100 EUR VAT incl. / person and workshop (12 EUR VAT incl. extra wines, to be booked at subscription).
The collective culinary workshops are subject to the ‘Preambule -  Specific conditions’ of the House (see ‘The arrangements’) together with the ad-hoc general terms and conditions available on demand and sent at the time of the registration.

Dates of next collective culinary workshops at the House :

Saturday May, 13th 2023 – 9:30 am through 14:00

Tuesday June, 6th 2023 – 9:30 am through 14:00
Wednesday June, 7th 2023 - 9:30 am through 14:00
Thursday June, 8th 2023 – 18:00 through 22:00
Tuesday June, 13th 2023 – 9:30 am through 14:00
Thursday June, 15th 2023 - 18:00 through 22:00
Saturday June, 17th 2023 – 9:30 am through 14:00

Should the above dates not match with your agenda, don't hesitate to contact me (+33 6 33 94 86 68) in order to organize a private appointment (2 - 6 persons) !

On demand and according to your nutritional follow up, you can also enjoy specific individual culinary workshops, in line with your personalized objectives (hour rate available in paragraph ‘Mon reflet dans l’assiette’).


Mens sana in corpore sano

Depending on your stay and on the availabilities, we can arrange for wellness sessions.

These may include at the House a shiatsu massage with Catherine when she is at Vic (she comes for you at the House), or, next to the House, the following services :
. naturopath interview at Christiane’s
. nail care at Charlie’s
. reiki at Léon’s
. ceramics workshop with Guillaume
. At Aurillac: worldwide massages at Emanuelle’s and beauty care at Adeline’s, yoga sessions with Bhu.

These independent services shall be paid directly to the service providers themselves.

The House can book those sessions for you: do not hesitate to express your needs when booking at the House !