Portail de la Maison du Chevalier des Huttes à Vic sur Cère (Auvergne Rhône Alpes, Cantal, France)

Site Map


In the heart of the Cantal mountains
Cantal’ Où?

The HOUSE        

Historical heritage and contemporary style
A peculiar garden

Our PHILOSOPHY           

Let me introduce myself …
… And what about you ?
Once upon a time at the Maison du Chevalier des Huttes
Being eco-responsible

Our ROOMS      

3rd floor
La Chambre sous les Toits, for dynamic people

2nd floor
La Chambre à la Grande Cheminée, family suite

L’appartement Bleu
La Chambre à l’Echauguette
La Chambre Bleue

1st floor
La Chambre du Seigneur, the historical one

The TABLE         

Hippocrates in Auvergne
A good cooker is a happyness fairy


Rates and GTCs

Preambule – Specific conditions
Room rates
Rates and conditions for the guest table
Special offers
General terms and conditions of sale (GTCs)

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Mon reflet dans l’assiette
My culinary workshops
Mens sana in corpore sano

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