La Maison du Chevalier des Huttes, chambres et table d’hôtes à Vic sur Cère (Auvergne, Cantal, France) est idéale pour les hôtes qui privilégient les échanges autour d’une table à la fois équilibrée et gourmande, pendant un séjour curieux et vivant.



Hippocrates in Auvergne

I am promoting a responsible and healthy home made food, based on a tasty and gourmet cuisine.

I can hence cook very diversified ingredients that I have carefully selected in the garden, at the local market, or in specialized organic shops, and/or at local farmers or producers.

Always combining health and delicacies, I use, without exaggeration, olive oil and other vegetable oils, spices, herbs and medicinal plants …

My motto: Let food be your medicine… but also your enjoyment !

A good cooker is a happiness fairy

Dinners (please see ‘The Arrangements’), as well as breakfasts (id.) are served to the whole guests in the contemporary kitchen (45 m²), around the designer glass table, in front of the ‘cantou’ (huge typical fireplace).

My cooking is a mix of various culinary inspirations (Mediterranean, Asian, Nordic, Slavic, and other influences), combining gastronomy and mainly organic local products, with the aim of creating as many as colours and flavours in our plates, in the respect of health, taste and sense of greediness …

Breakfast is both salty and sweet.
It always includes fresh bread from our local bakers, fruits and/or fruit juice depending on the day and, according to the seasons and availability : local cheese  and/or yogurts, butter from our local farmers and/or local delicatessen and/or local fish and/or local eggs, vegetables from the garden, homemade cakes or other pancakes (incl. bourriols or pachade), or special local cheese cake (tarte à la tome) from the baker, muesli, …

It is served with tea or other herbal infusions, coffee, vegetal milk

NB : I do not serve, in principle, animal milk nor industrial pastries

Meals are made depending on what the season offers; they are usually composed of:

  • a healthy light snack with aperitif
    (e.g. beet or vitelotte toasts with its Ganel’s trout mousse and kiwi fruit)
  • a starter of some hot or cold soup or mixed salad
    (e.g. garden pumpkin soup with gaperon cheese ; garden leeks soup, pumpkin seeds and slices of la Molède’s sheep cheese ; fresh rice salad with strawberries and peas;  … )
  • vegetable and/or animal proteins and vegetables
    (e. g. pounti with garden beans in candied tomato and onions sauce; cabbage or other garden vegetables terrine or Ganel’s trout terrine accompanied with fresh vegetables in perfumed spicy sauces; chard pie, farmer’s goat cheese, various nuts and green salad; guinea fowl with herbs and garlic, candied carrots with onions and sweet spices, Vic’s coco beans cream; …)
  • a dessert complementing the previous elements
    (e. g. pita (apple puff pastry from my Slavic aunts) ; sorbets, vegetable cream like a panna cotta or ice cream ; fruit salad or carpaccio with small shortbread cookies; chocolate pie or mousse, …)

A unique menu can replace the starters and the main course
(e.g. salted meat with lentil; local hotpot (potée auvergnate) ; patranque and stuffed vegetables; tortilla from my grand mother with grilled vegetables ; “fast couscous “ ; Lebanese mezze; …).

Alcohol is not the most welcome in the House, however, wines are selected carefully for the pleasure of our guests who still appreciate this French tradition.
I do not serve sodas nor other drinks with added sugar or synthetic sweetener; I do not use processed products from the large food industry.