A quelques kilomètres de Vic sur Cère et de la Maison du Chevalier des Huttes, la ferme de Trielle, à Thiézac, d’où l’on peut contempler un panorama enchanteur, calme et verdoyant.



In the heart of the Cantal mountains

The ‘Parc des Volcans d’Auvergne’ encompasses five natural sites: the Artense, the Cézallier, the Monts Dôme, lthe Monts Dore and the Cantal mountains.
Nestled in the middle of the latter, the village of Vic sur Cère is close to the ‘Puy Mary’ and ‘Plomb du Cantal’ summits and the ‘le Lioran’ ski station.

Blessed with amazing unspoiled landscapes (incl. fauna and flora, lakes and rivers, historical heritage and uncommon people, …), the village and the wider Auvergne region offer multiple types of tourism :

  • gastronomic tourism and local products
    (farms on the route des fromages AOP d’Auvergne, burons (old typical mountain lodges), local pubs and restaurants, salted meat and Salers beef, little country markets, fancy fairs and festivals, apiaries, gentiane, regional cookies, …)
  • historical tourism and tourism linked to the regional heritage
    (villages and small towns, churches and monasteries, castles and urban heritage, museums, arts and crafts, ceramists and potters, music festivals and local folklore, industrial heritage, …)
  • sport and outdoor wilderness tourism
    (walks, trails and discovery hikes, horse riding or donkey treks, bicycle tours, mountain biking, ski, snowshoeing, sleigh rides, car tourism ; fishing and nautical activities ; ultralight aircrafts flights or paragliding ; …)
  • thermal and wellness tourism
    (Chaudes Aigues Spa, spa and wellness centers, …)
  • family tourism
    (‘sentiers de l’imaginaire’, geocaching  and orienteering, vélorail, tourist trains, …)

And you could also discover other extraordinary regions not so far from us : Aveyron, Lot, Corrèze !

For a better idea of all activities and events, please visit the local tourist offices websites:
Parc Naturel Régional des Volcans d’Auvergne : http://www.parcdesvolcans.fr
Carladès tourist office : https://www.carlades.fr/
Lioran tourist office : https://www.lelioran.com/
Aurillac tourist office : https://www.iaurillac.com/fr/

Cantal' où ?

Vic sur Cère is located in south-central France, between Aurillac and the Lioran ski station (700 m altitude).
Vic sur Cère is a nice old thermal centre now classified a green nature resort with ca 2000 inhabitants which count on all necessary urban and commercial facilities. This dynamic as well as its privileged location in the middle of the most beautiful natural sites of this part of Auvergne, makes Vic sur Cère an extraordinary destination to discover the Cantal region.

Around the Maison du Chevalier des Huttes, you will see other remarkable historical heritage of Vic sur Cère: Saint Pierre church, the town hall, the Manoir, various famous houses : maisons de la Reine Margot, Dejou, du Bailliage, Murat-Sistrières, Coffinhal, Bertrand, de Boissy, des Princes de Monaco, …

Vic sur Cère welcomes you with leisure and sports infrastructures (aquatic center, minigolf, rosalies, outdoor infrastructures and fitness trails for all generations, football, tennis, pétanque, théâtre de verdure, …) as well as cultural facilities (Maison des Eaux, multimedia library, …).
The town organizes multiple seasonal celebrations and events, and is ideal for beautiful walks starting from the historical center (Salvanhac, Pas de Cère and the Roucolle waterfalls, Castel Viel, Comblat le pont and Queen Margot’s lane, …), after a refreshing stop at the thermal water kiosk, …

You must not miss Vic all seasons producers’ market held each Tuesday and Friday or the other country markets around.

Vic sur Cère’s townhall : http://www.vicsurcere.fr/