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Vue depuis la Mairie de la Maison du Chevalier des Huttes à Vic sur Cère

Portail de la Maison du Chevalier des Huttes à Vic sur Cère (Auvergne Rhône Alpes, Cantal, France)

Roseraie Maison du Chevalier des Huttes



Historical heritage and contemporary style

Located in the very heart of the village, the House is one of the emblematic historical buildings of Vic sur Cère. With its look like a little chateau, the House dates from the 16th century (1598) and was the urban property pertaining to the Pagès des Huttes family, one of the village public figures.
1768. François Pagès des Huttes is the king’s counselor and public prosecutor at Vic’s courts.
One of his sons, Jean François (a.k.a. ‘le Chevalier des Huttes’), is a bodyguard at Versailles castle, on duty during the night of the 5th October, 1789. He will be slaughtered and decapitated by the revolutionaries after facilitating, together with another fellow, the queen’s escape.

The House has been registered in the French Supplementary List of Historical Monuments (ISMH).

The House has been lovingly restored respecting its anachronistic style, creating a harmony between the oldest and more recent elements and the resolutely contemporary and inspired interior design.

Guests are welcome in the two main rooms : the kitchen and the living room, going down the spiral stairs of the hexagonal tower which splits the house into two distinct architectural plans. Going up the said stairs, three floors lead to the huge bedrooms.

The Maison du Chevalier des Huttes’ guestbook manufacturing :

A peculiar garden



In front of the House, the gray pebble calade separates the building from the 1000 m²  park which overlooks the main street of the village.

The peculiar garden offers various atmospheres depending on the seasons ; it is both a pleasure vegetable garden (let’s eat our garden !) and a lively landscaped park.

Plants of all types awake during spring, summer comes to sublimate all fruits and vegetables, autumn relieves nature and delights gourmets before winter treats every ill thanks to precious herbal medicine.

With the return of warm weather, it is good to have tea under the hornbeam trees, to play pétanque under the lime tree, to read on the white tin bench, to write admiring the vegetable patch or to chat on the covered terrace. And you will also be able to exchange some gardener or cooker’s tips and tricks all around the year …







The House revival and the project to open a guest house could not have succeeded, in 2020, without Angelo’s love, without the support of our family, our friends, ex-colleagues, neighbours, without the science, the patience and the know-how of our craftsmen and architects, without the hospitality of our merchants and suppliers, local authorities and partners, without the collaboration of experts (eg graphic, kitchen and interior designers, accountants, journalists, …) and all our environment in general.

Hence, we wish to thank all the people who, during this project and also now, welcomed us, supported us, helped us, assisted us, encouraged us, suffered us, criticized us, envied us, blamed us, fed and hosted us during the works, amused us, helped us out, moved us out, and smiled at us, …

And let us now thank also our past and future guests for their trust, their enthusiasm, their culinary greediness, their records written in the guestbook, which motivate us every day to welcome you with the warmth and quality of service which have become the identity of the House.